New Gilligans Island Movie – Warner Bros has announced that they have a new Gilligans Island movie in the works so your favorite castaways are on their way to the big screen.

New Gilligans Island movie in the works from Warner Bros

A new Gilligans Island movie from Warner Brothers may be a big hit if it gets the right cast and the story line is updated but remains true to the seven castaways original experience.

New Gilligans Island movie for 2011

One of the questions fans have aboaut the new Gilligans Island movie is whether it would be set in this decade, or keep true to the 1960′s classic theme. If it is set in modern times, certain issues like cell phones, GPS, and satellite imagery would have to be addressed.

Gilligans Island movie should create interesting cast

What actor would you choose to play Gilligan in the new Gilligan’s Island movie? How about the Skipper? Fans may have the most fun choosing who they would pick to play Ginger, the movie star who happened to be on that three hour tour with all her Hollywood clothes and jewelry.

Who will replace Bob Denver as Gilligan in a movie

Tell us the actors you would choose to star in the New Gilligans Island Movie.