– Could be poised to become the membership community that AARP used to be before they enraged many of their members – find out why.

Find out more about Generation America at appeals to many AARP members who are considering dropping their memberships, primarily because of the position AARP has taken on Obama administration’s health care reform plan.

Generation America - A voice for those who have earned it

Joining Generation America, or Gen-A is $19.00 per year and while the organization is not as large as AARP, is hoping that a broader membership base will allow them to expand their member benefits over time.

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The membership benefits are already extensive including travel, shopping, and dining discounts and the newest benefit coming in 2010 – access to affordable insurance products such as Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, Private Fee-for-Service, Disability, Long-term care and other products through negotiated rates with our partners.

Generation America offers memberships to the 50 and over generation and touts, “A voice for those who’ve earned it.”

The principles of are these:

Generation America was created with a sense of urgency. As we enter this new age, there are troubling signs that our government is spending our hard-earned tax dollars at an unheard of rate. This massive bureaucracy is trying to pass laws that could severely affect our health care and Lawmakers are looking at huge increases in carbon taxes, VAT taxes and others. These events can create havoc in the markets and threaten the financial security of the over-50 generation. These policies are very damaging to those of us on fixed incomes.

At the same time, our government is taking over businesses and attempting to nationalize our health care system. It is creating huge, cumbersome bureaucracies to run our lives.

As we have throughout our lives, we made a decision to act—to do something to ensure that we were heard. From this decision, Generation America was born.

Generation America (Gen-A) is a dynamic member-based organization for the over-50 generation. We believe in our natural right to freedom over our own lives, liberty and property. We also share a serious thirst for life and the unlimited human potential. We believe in the free market and the American dream.

It’s simple to join and add your voice to a growing number of the 50+ generation that are fed up with AARP, diminishing benefits we’ve worked our whole lives to achieve, and ever increasing, wasteful government spending.

Are you fed up? Will you join in ‘The voice for those who’ve earned it’ with