John C.Crawford Video – This video by John C. Crawford, a senior citizen from Texas, was sent at his own expense to every Congressman and Senator and some media outlets.

John C. Crawford video sent to every Congressman and Senator

John Crawford speaks out on video about ObamaCare and brings to light some of the points that should enflame every American citizen, not just senior citizens.

John Crawford from Texas makes video against healthcare bill

At his own expense, John C. Crawford of Texas sent over 1000 copies of his video addressed to our Washington politicians. Do you think they will listen?

The video made by John Crawford about the proposed Healthcare Bill holds each politician accountable for the way they vote on the bill, and attempts to shame them into doing the right thing. Will you join him? 

The video about average American citizens and how they will be affected by this healthcare bill is 2 videos and totals about 14 minites. It’s worth watching both videos whether you are for or against Obama’s proposed healthcare bill.

And that’s the latest news about the John C Crawford video.