Carrie Prejean Underwear Photos – Here are the latest racy underwear photos of Carrie Prejean where Miss California insists the wind blew her top open and the photographer snapped pics without her knowing…lol!

Carrie Prejean revealing photos

Funny that the Carrie Prejean revealing photos don’t even have her hair blowing in the wind.

Carrie Prejean racy pics

In her latest set of racy photos, Carrie somehow forgot to mention this set of pictures when she told Miss California pageant officials that the only revealing underwear pics of her were ones taken when she was underage.

Latest Carrie Prejean racy pictures

Of course, those earlier photos turned out to be taken when she was indeed 18 and she must have Alzheimers if she can’t remember taking the latest set of pics just 8 months ago.

Latest Miss California revealing photos

Of course, she could have suffered “dain bramage” while partying with Michael Phelps in Vegas.

Michael Phelps and Carrie Prejean

At least Prejean knows how to pole dance.

Carrie Prejean pole dancing for Michael Phelps

And if she’s from such a fine Christian family, why is her brother a racist skinhead?

Carrie Prejean with her skinhead brother

In case you missed it, here is the first scandalous underwear picture of “good girl” Miss California that she also forgot to tell pageant officials about, then claimed there was only one photo, not seven of them.

And those are all the latest racy Carrie Prejean underwear photos.