Thanet Earth – These pictures show Britians new Thanet Earth due to begin operation next month. What is Thanet Earth? It’s a massive greenhouse that when complete will be the size of 70 football fields.

Thanet Earth on the Isle of Thanet 

Thanet Earth will open the first structure in August 2008. It will be the size of 10 football fields and will grow salad vegitables like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.

Thanet Earth is the largest project of its kind

All seven Thanet Earth greenhouses are scheduled for completion on the Isle of Thanet by 2010. The British company Fresca along with a Dutch consortium of growers are creating a controversy in England.

Thanet Earth employ hydroponic farming

All plants are grown hydroponically, that is in nutrient enhanced water with no soil. Hmmm…. wonder how that’s going to taste?

Hydroponic farming uses no soil

By the time the project is complete, it will be able to grow 1.3 million tomato, cucumber, and pepper plants. The plants grown in Thanet Earth will produce food much faster than ordinary plants grown outside in soil because conditions are kept optimal year round.

Located on the Isle of Thanet in Kent

Thanet earth will increase Englands salad crop by over 15% reducing their reliance on imports.

And that’s the latest chatter about Thanet Earth.