Gilles Marini Pictures – These pictures and video show why so many people are steamed, or steamy about the French actor Gilles Marini. Sex and the City star Gilles Marini takes it all off for his role in the popular summer movie.

 Gilles Marini creates a stir in Sex and the City

Gilles Marini pictures are very popular since he did a full frontal display in ‘Sex and the City’. 

The very buff 32 year old actor said he was not nervous about the role. These Gilles Marini pictures should explain some of that. Looking like this, who would be shy?

Gilles Marini accepts award

Gilles Marini explains that Europeans are less ‘uptight’ than Americans about baring it all. Just go to a beach resort in Europe and you’ll see just how true that is. Unfortunately most of them don’t look like Gilles Marini in these photos.

Marini bares on for his role in movie

The ‘Sex and the City’ actor has a wife and two children, and says he is thrilled with the exposure he has gotten from this role. Marini said that he remains humble even with his sudden success.

Gilles Marini is steamy at the premier

And that’s the latest news about the Gilles Marini Pictures.