Short Hills Mall Shooting – Andre Meranuli shot and killed himself as police approached his car outside Neiman Marcus at the Short Hills Mall on Thursday, September 25, 2008.

Short Hills Mall shooting - Meranuli shot himself

According to Paul Loriques, a spokesman for Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, the Short Hills Mall shooting happened when Andre Meranuli, 20, of Irvington, entered Neiman Marcus at Short Hills Mall around 1 p.m. and confronted his wife, Dominique Meranuli, 20, who was separated from her husband and lives in Newark.

“Apparently she had a restraining order and called Millburn police,” said Loriquet.

Andre Meranuli immediately left the store after being rebuffed by his wife and was in his car in front of the store’s entrance when he was stopped by police officers. Meranuli shot himself while sitting in the car, Loriquet said.

Andre Meranuli committed suicide in his car outside Neiman Marcus

Millburn police and county law enforcement officers cordoned off the area around the suicide victim outside Neiman Marcus.

Meranuli’s body lay covered with a white sheet on the ground outside his white sedan while shoppers returned to their cars in the nearby parking lot.

Loriquet said the investigation into the Short Hills Mall shooting incident and suicide is ongoing.

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