Do Not Eat Raw Cookie Dough

Do Not Eat Raw Cookie Dough – The CDC has issued a warning about eating raw cookie dough and warns consumers and cooks that any unbaked product can be unsafe.

Do not eat raw cookie dough

Back in 2009, an E.coli outbreak prompted the CDC to investigate refrigerated Nestle Toll House cookie dough products. The findings of that investigation may change the way you snack while baking.

It was determined that E. coli and salmonella risks are high in any product that is made to be baked, even if it is homemade. The risks are not brand specific and scientists said that the E. coli outbreak that resulted when 77 people in 30 states became ill after eating the prepackaged cookie dough could have been avoided simply by following the directions on the package.

Even homemade cookie dough can be unhealthy to eat prior to baking and the risk is two-fold. Uncooked flour used in most recipes is the most likely culprit for E. coli. The flour has not gone through processes required to kill pathogens, though the makers of Nestle Toll House Cookie dough says it will change that for their products.

Another ingredient in unbaked dough is raw eggs which are a known cause of salmonella. The Don’t Eat It Raw rule applies to other foods, not just cookies – Bread dough, cake batter, pizza and biscuit dough.

As tempting as it may be to eat the batter or lick the beaters, take a pass and wait until it is cooked. Do Not Eat Raw Cookie Dough!

The Obama Pigford Incident

The Obama Pigford Incident – Here is the video of Wild Bill talking about what he calls the Obama Pigford incident.

Obama’s Pigford ‘scandal’ is the height of frivolous lawsuits and how they affect the American taxpayer. The mentality of many lawyers (Obama included) and the lust for large payouts (most going to the attorneys) is why caps on lawsuits has never been passed by Congress. Many of our congressmen are lawyers by trade, or began their careers as attorneys.

Here is the video:

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And that’s the latest news about The Obama Pigford Incident.

Christmas Tree Tax 2011

Christmas Tree Tax 2011 – The White House is being accused of being The Grinch this year because of the proposed Christmas Tree Tax by the Department of Agriculture.

Christmas Tree Tax 2011

A 15 cents per tree ‘tax’ was expected to take effect on November 10th, but now team Obama is backtracking on implementing the 15 cents per tree fee after a resounding uproar from conservatives.

2011 Christmas Tree Tax

As much as many people would like to place blame on the White House and call Obama an anti-Christmas Grinch, here are the facts on the Christmas Tree tax:

  1. The 15 cents per tree fee was actually proposed by the Christmas tree growers industry and has been in ‘planning mode’ for more than 3 years.
  2. The National Christmas Tree Association planned to use the Christmas Tree fee to promote fresh tree sales because the slow economy and the popularity of artificial trees has hurt business.
  3. The tree growers hoped to pool the funds to promote fresh tree sales in the US. (Similar to the Got Milk? campaign, or Pork, The Other White Meat promotion.)

“It has absolutely nothing to do with Obama,” says Rick Dungey, spokesman for the National Christmas Tree Association. And it’s not a tax. Growers have been planning this initiative for three and a half years. The government is just implementing it. It’s unfortunate that someone is trying to smear us. All we growers want is to pool our money to promote our crops.”

Why the US Department of Agriculture got involved isn’t clear. Allowing any government agency into money collecting efforts seems absurd.

But the fact remains that the tree growers need to compete with artificial trees. The fresh tree industry in the US sells about 17 million trees. Artificial tree sales have topped that number in recent years at 17.4 million.

Finding another way to pool their funds to raise the projected $2 million would seem advantageous to the National Christmas Tree Growers Association. A price adjustment may also be in order since fresh trees are extremely expensive. Consumers weigh the cost of a fresh tree over a tree that will last for years and many times, the lasting tree wins the economic battle.

Are you for or against the 2011 Christmas Tree Tax?

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